Life Update: Where Have I Been?

It's been just short of a year since I last updated this blog, and what a year it's been. It's currently 00:48am as I sit on my sofa writing this, but I thought it was about time I brushed the cobwebs off the old blog and began posting again. Where do I start? Shortly after my last post I visited Copenhagen and New York, before starting uni as an English student at King's College London, where I learnt to navigate the daunting underground world of the tube and officially survived freshers week (just). I found my feet in a new city; experienced heartbreak and the beginnings of new friendships; and embarked on a sort of fitness journey of self-love. In the past twelve months I've developed an independence I never imaged I'd possess and I'm learning more about myself with each passing day; so here I am documenting this exciting period of my life and taking you guys along with me for the ride.

You may have noticed that I've given the blog a fresh slick of paint and totally redesigned it in light of this new beginning. I'd love to know what you think of the change so do let me know in the comments below! Since the birth of this site as Nifty Thrifts at the end of 2011 I'd restricted myself to solely writing about fashion and beauty, so I'd like to expand my blog and discuss anything that I'm currently interested in, be it travel, food, fitness, or even life lessons I've learnt as a student. My blog name in itself made me feel a sense of distance with the content I was producing as I felt it no longer represented my interests, so I decided that a drastic change was in order. What better way to truly reflect my essence as a person than through my own name?

I have some exciting plans ahead of me for the summer, starting with a trip to Stockholm on Friday which I hope to produce a photo diary of, so stay tuned! Thank you to those of you who have stuck by me since my early days as a blogger, and I encourage you all to stick around to witness the changes on this site and within myself as a person. Your support means a lot and I can't wait to delve back into the world of blogging.

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