Minimal Wishlist with Ma-Ga London


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I'm always drawn to brands who pay attention to detail, which is why I have a particular affinity for brands such as Ma-Ga London. With their sleek design, subtle embellishments and skull motifs, there's no denying that this brand is dedicated to its craft. Ma-Ga London's accessories are influenced by a fusion of both vintage and catwalk, producing an outcome that is contemporary and timeless without scrimping on quality. Their products are striking and original, paying homage to British style while maintaining a sense of wearability, so each piece can be incorporated into day-to-day life for a put together yet edgy look. I particularly love their range of watches which are classic and minimal in design with a modern twist, not to mention the fact they are beautifully packaged. You can find Ma-Ga London on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more details and style inspiration. Which are your favourite pieces?