IWOOT Valentine's Event

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Photo credit: Garry Flinch (Flickr)

I was recently invited to attend IWOOT's Valentine's Day blogger event for the launch of their new seasonal products at Propertea tea rooms in Manchester. I decided to bring my friend Iffa along with me as we were long overdue a catchup, and we had a lovely time seeing and trying out some of the products IWOOT has to offer, as well as taking copious amounts of selfies with the selfie sticks we were provided with (you may have seen some of the incriminating evidence on my Instagram). Favourites of mine included the sense deceiving Aroma R-Evolution Kit, the ingenious chocolate shot glasses I was lucky enough to receive in my goody bag, as well as the array of novelty mugs on display, to name a few. IWOOT have a vast range of quirky and unique products on their website which would make the perfect gift for your significant other this Valentine's Day, so I urge you all to take a look if you're still on the hunt for something thoughtful and unforgettable. Whether your loved one has a penchant for gadgets, homewares or food and drink, they have something tailored to every taste imaginable! 

Sarah xo

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  1. looks like such a lovely event :) I love the quirky items :)