Cosy Winter Wishlist


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Recently I've been loving the range of knitwear available on the highstreet, which has inspired me to share with you some of my top picks to achieve a fail-safe cosy winter. After all, who doesn't enjoy wrapping up nice and warm when it's freezing outside? 

1. This American Apparel shawl caught my eye quite a while back and has been on my mental wishlist ever since. I love the laid-back slouchy vibes it exudes and think it would be the perfect layering piece for pretty much any outfit, especially considering its neutral grey colour.

2 & 3. There's no denying that I love a good turtleneck jumper, and these ones are no exception. The black one on the left would fit in perfectly with my predominantly monochrome wardrobe, while there's something disgustingly beautiful about the sludgy green-brown colour of the one on the right that surprisingly I'm a fan of. H&M have some brilliant knitwear pieces in stock at the moment, and if you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I'm currently loving an insanely fluffy blue number I picked up a few weeks back. Definitely worth having a look at!

4. A fleece lined winter jacket is a must-have during the colder months, and this one from Fjallraven looked especially comfortable and is bound to keep you snug even if the weather takes a turn for the worst. The fact is contains multiple spacious pockets means you wont have to lug a bag around with you, as you can simply put the essentials in them and you'll be good to go. I personally love its minimal design which ensures it'll never clash with what you decide to wear, plus it comes in a variety of season appropriate colours, bonus!

5. I'm obsessing over the arrival of blanket-esque scarves in the fashion world at the moment because when it gets cold I'm definitely one to opt for comfort, although I like to look on-trend at the same time. This can be tricky when you're layering knitwear, but this scarf from Asos particularly appealed to me due to its subdued colour and chic yet casual air.

6. Two words: copper hardware. Whether it's homewares or accessories, I can't get enough. A good pair of winter boots is a staple in any girl's wardrobe, and the zip detailing on the front of these gives them an extra va-va-voom that an ordinary pair of black boots wouldn't have. Love!

7. When it comes to knitwear it can sometimes be difficult to avoid looking frumpy, however I think this particular dress is incredibly flattering and would look amazing with an oversized coat and the boots mentioned above. I adore the racer neck detail as I think it makes an otherwise ordinary bodycon dress a little bit more unique.

Hugs and kisses, Sarah xo

October Favourites

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I've been extremely busy lately with college work and applying to university so I know this post is rather belated, but better late than never!

1. 'Black Coffee' sweater from River Island: Until recently I'd never been the biggest fan of River Island, but while doing my usual round of online window shopping I decided to have a look at their website out of interest. I've developed quite a penchant for slogan pieces so my eye was drawn to this particular sweatshirt, and when I noticed it was limited edition I decided I had to snap it up. I've been wearing it a lot more than I expected I would, as I've found it's the ideal piece to throw on with jeans when you're feeling lazy yet still want to look put together.

2. Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick by Kate: After seeing Meg talk about this product in her September favourites video I decided to give it a try, and for only £4.49 you can't really go wrong. It's an amazing Autumnal shade and looks very seasonal combined with the Kate matte lipstick in 107 from the same line. I have hooded eyelids which tend to get quite oily, but this product stays put for the entire day with few noticeable signs of wear, even without an eyeshadow primer as a base. I'd definitely recommend it, especially for the  price!

3. Garnier Miscellar Water: When my usual makeup remover of choice ran out I decided to try something new, and opted for this product as I'd seen it raved about all over the blogosphere. I can officially say I've been converted! It takes off my makeup gently and in one quick glide, with no irritation whatsoever. I must admit I can be lazy at times when it comes to my nighttime beauty routine, but this product is incredibly easy to use and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I've heard it's similar to Bioderma, which I've never personally tried, but if you're on the market for a cheaper and more accessible cleansing water then this one is for you. 

4. Sleek's Contour Kit in 'Light': I've recently received quite a lot of compliments on my makeup and I'm almost certain it's down to this bad boy, a new introduction to my daily makeup routine. I've never previously tried contouring my face as the prospect of overdoing it seemed a little daunting, but now that I've tried this novice-friendly product I don't think I'll be looking back. The bronzer doesn't look too heavy on the skin and blends nicely, and the highlight is a gorgeous pinky silver hue which I believe would look amazing on any complexion. This is actually the first Sleek product I've purchased and I'm highly impressed by the quality of it considering the affordable price tag.

5. 'Not That Kind of Girl' by Lena Dunham: Since 'Girls' first aired on TV I must admit I've had quite a girl crush on Lena Dunham, so when I heard she was releasing a book I almost squealed and added it straight to my pre-order basket on Amazon. I had high expectations for it and I was not disappointed. The book is autobiographical and features a series of insightfully witty essays and anecdotes, which are perfect if you're looking for a light read which will put a smile on your face. Once again Lena has outdone herself with her display of creative talent. 

What did you enjoy last month? 

Hugs and kisses, Sarah xo