Wishlist #6

Wishlist #6

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1 & 2: I used to be an avid wearer of silver jewellery, however lately I've drifted over to the other side and started adding more gold pieces to my collection, particularly in the form of necklaces. There was a brief period when I had an obsession with rings, although I've officially rekindled my love for necklaces, be it statement or dainty minimal pieces.  3: As you may have noticed in my latest outfit post I've taken quite a fancy to slogan tees. H&M have some very inexpensive but equally amazing ones in at the moment, and being the cat lady that I am this 'meoow' tee caught my eye when I was browsing their website. 

4: I've never really been one for the recurring pastel trend that appears each spring, as you'll usually catch me in black on black ensembles for the majority of the year; however something about this pale pink bodysuit attracted me to it. I think it'd make a great layering device and could easily be toughened up with a leather jacket and stacked jewellery. 

5 & 6: Two words: statement sunglasses. Every summer I usually add a pair to my collection, and I fell in love with these pairs when doing a routine online window shop on Asos. I think they'd be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. 

7: A baby blue pleather skirt featured in one of my wishlists?! I'm just as surprised as you are! My sense of style seems to be evolving once again, and this time I'm developing a bit of an obsession with all things minimal. I think this skirt would be ideal for spring with one of the slogan tees I mentioned earlier. In fact, Lily Melrose recently featured a Primark dupe costing only £10 on her blog, which I may have to keep my eyes peeled for.

8: They're one of those marmite pieces in the fashion world, although I seem to have quite a penchant for ugly sandals. I'm ever so slightly obsessed with this revival of the Birkenstock from Zara. 

9: I already own H&M's other version of this skirt, but once I found out they were selling a pleather version I knew I had to have that one too. I've worn the other version to death, so I'm positive this one would recieve just as much love. 

Hugs and kisses, Sarah xo

Manchester Fashion Week Announcement!

A while back I received a very exciting email from the people over at Manchester Fashion Week, asking me if I'd like to be one of their official bloggers to report this year's event. Of course I couldn't possibly turn down such an amazing offer, and I think it's brilliant that my city will be showcasing some of it's finest fashionable offerings, especially since the north is home to some of the biggest fashion retailers in the world right now (Missguided and Boohoo to name a few). Make sure you keep the 18th to the 21st of April free in your diaries, as this is when the event will be taking place, so you have plenty of time to start planning your ensembles for the occasion! The location will be HallĂ© St Peters, which is especially fitting since this Ancoats is at the heart of the cotton industry in Manchester, and indeed the UK. I am absolutely delighted to have been selected to be one of #MCRFW14's official press members and to announce these details to you. You can buy tickets and find out more information regarding the event here, or by contacting info@mcrfw.com.Hugs and kisses, Sarah xo