Dress: vintage
Cardigan: vintage
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Office

It wasn't until I was selecting which photos to use for this post that I realised how much this dress reminds me of pinup girls in the 1940s. I bought this beauty two weekends ago at a local vintage fair, and I couldn't resist since it combined two of my favourite things in the entire universe: paisley print and a thrifty price tag. Despite it being four sizes too large for me, it's nothing a belt can't fix by cinching me in at the waist. Ah, the powers of accessories! I think this dress will look perfect when the weather here in England improves, when I'll most likely wear it with black thigh-high socks, a topknot and a pair of retro oversized sunglasses. I've been yearning for a holiday and a bit of sunshine as of recently, but alas I cannot go on my travels until my dreaded exams have ceased. Is it too much to ask for even a tiny bit of heat? Of course, living in England the answer would be a solid no. 

I hadn't done any baking in a while, so I felt a spot of it was in order today. Like the old women we so secretly are my sister and I decided to bake cookies, of which I've included a photo to tantalise your taste buds. Did somebody say food porn? Besides our brief culinary escapade I haven't done anything of interest today, unless you could count watching back-to-back episodes of Adventure Time or attending my weekly ice skating lesson.

Hugs and kisses, Sarah xo 

I've been a miner for a heart of gold

Top: vintage 
Cardigan: vintage 
Trousers: H&M 
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Tardys 
Sunglasses: Ebay 
Necklace: Urban Outfitters 
Headband: Topshop

Sorry I didn't post last week, but here I am again! This shirt was a bit of an impulse buy, but when I spotted it on the "sale" rail I couldn't resist- you know what I'm like! I love how oversized it is and how the cutout detailing on the shoulders adds a little uniqueness and va va voom to an otherwise conventional plaid shirt, which I'm certain is owned by everybody and their mother. Spring seems to be on its way already, and I'm eagerly anticipating the warmer weather which will allow me to wear this shirt without any additional layers concealing the cutout shoulders. Recently I've had a real craving for summer and a break in the sun, albeit that's probably mostly down to the fact that I'm currently working towards my GCSEs (only two months to go, EEK!) and yearning for a long-awaited break. I'm sure I'll be ecstatic once they're over, because I'll subsequently be able to rest for three months during the summer, otherwise known as a time of bliss. I must stop rambling now, before I trail off into an essay about what I'll do once I've finished working. 

If you've ever wondered who takes my blog photos, I thought I'd include a picture of my sister, Eleanor, at the end of this post. I'm thankful to have somebody who can take my blog pictures for me, because seeing as I don't own a tripod I'd otherwise be lost!

Hugs and kisses, Sarah xo