A Penchant For Pendants: My Necklace Collection

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Recently I seem to have developed a bit of an infatuation for necklaces, particularly of the bohemian sort. As a result, I thought I'd share with you the ones from my collection I wear most on a regular basis. Like a magpie to glitter I can't get enough of pendants with a celestial or gemstone theme, especially when layered over a graphic tee to make an outfit look as though more effort went into it. There's something about necklaces that can pull an entire outfit together, more so than any other item of jewellery in my opinion. In this field I definitely adopt a 'more is more' policy, violating the popular belief that we should remove one accessory before stepping foot outside. I'm not advising you leave the house laden in garish gold chains, resembling an extra from a rap video, but I love the look of numerous necklaces of different lengths with little pendants and dainty chains paired together. Besides, whoever came up with the pointless 'less is more' rule was evidently referring to fake tan alone.

Hugs and kisses, Sarah xo


  1. Love all of them! The gemstone ones are so pretty


  2. gotta say I'm green with envy over the peace sign/ daisy design necklace
    it's 1990s cool <3

  3. this just made me realize i need more jewelry, #jewelryshopping
    -- http://the-profashionalist.blogspot.com/