Velveteen Witch

Shirt: thrifted
Necklaces: geology museum (could I sound any geekier?), Urban Outfitters

Hello internet chums! I'm afraid this post will be a relatively brief one, however I couldn't resist showing off my new thrifted shirt. I mean just look at it! It reminds me of something Nancy from The Craft would have worn, and as if that hadn't already won me over, the subtle psychedelic print gives it some additional brownie points. Velvet is one of my all-time favourite fabrics, especially during the winter months when I'm practically laden in it from head-to-toe. Unfortunately in a recent desperate attempt to earn some extra pennies, I resorted to selling a few of my velvet garments and alas lost them to eBay. As a result I'm now on the lookout for more pieces to build up my collection once again- after all, who said you can have too much velvet?!

Hugs and kisses, Sarah xo


  1. that shirt is so gorgeous! love the necklace too. Nancy is one of my main style inspirations <3 xo

  2. beautiful blouse and I adore the necklace, I would love too see an up close photo. In fact I wish I could get that necklace meself, what a find.

  3. Such a great find! xx

  4. Oh my god this outfit is everything! I love velvet so much in winter, been wearing it to death but I honestly do not care haha! Love your blog girl <3 defo a new reader xo

  5. That shirt is amazing!!<3


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  7. I love this shirt! I too love velvet, can't get enough of it in winter, the feel of it makes up for the rubbish weather, haha!

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  8. I love this shirt and your hair is amazing btw! What's your secret?

  9. gaaaah your cheekbones + hair + shirt

  10. your top is so lovely here! and i love your hair!

    lindsey louise

  11. aww dear you look gorgeous! love your blog & your sense of style! <3
    Emma xx

  12. I've been looking for a velvet shirt like that for ages but everytime I find one they're in a horrible condition. I'm so jealous of yours, it's perfect!