Elephant Dungarees

Photo bombed by my cat

Dungarees: Topshop
Top: Primark
Shoes: Topshop
Hat: gifted

It's been a while since I last did an outfit post, so it feels slightly odd typing this. Since my last post over a month ago numerous things have happened: 1) I turned sixteen! 2) I saw Peace again for the second time, 3) I got a new computer and 4) I attended my first ever blogger event at Thriftette (post here). The reason for my absence is the fact my exams start in exactly a week, so unfortunately I've been drowning under a sea of past papers and revision notes, as you may have deduced from my tweets if you follow me on Twitter. I finish secondary school (insert all the sad emojis here) next week in order to go on study leave, so I may be able to squeeze in a few posts here and there when I'm not revising. 

I took these photos with a tripod I received for my birthday, so let me know what you think of the lighting and new background. I'm still getting used to it! I apologise for the rather lacklustre post, as my grandparents will be here for a family meal any moment now, so I'm afraid I must dash!

Hugs and kisses, Sarah xo


  1. Happy belated birthday lovely! So nice to see a printed pair of dungarees for a change and they look really good on you too.

    Good luck for all your exams as well :) xx


  2. Ah, your outfit is too cute!! happy belated birthday :)

  3. Such a lovely outfit, the dungarees really suit you and that last image is beautiful! Good luck with your exams x

  4. Happy belated birthday! You look amazoid here, and your hair has gotten SO long. Tell me your secret, or cast the same spell on me please!

  5. Happy belated birthday! You look gorgeous in these photos! I love the outfit and those dungarees are amazing :D

    Hayley xx

  6. Happy belated birthday and those dungarees were made for you. Your makeup is stunning in these photos you beauty x

  7. I almost bought those dungarees but I look silly in them :( I have short sausage legs. You, however..look AMAZING in them :)

  8. You are far too pretty!! Jealous! I adore the dungarees by the way! :) x

  9. you're too cute!!
    lovely style

  10. wow i really like your dungarees i have never seen them in topshop!! xx


  11. I just got the dress version of this but those overalls are amazing <333333333