Snugg Phone Case Review

A month ago I traded in my Blackberry Curve for a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, and as a result I had been on the lookout for a new phone case. Coincidentally, a few days later I received an email from a company called Snugg, offering to send me a phone case to review. Prior to this I had been struggling to find a case for my specific phone, so of course I happily accepted the offer. For the past two weeks I have been using this case, and I am very impressed. The quality of it is incredible and it securely contains my phone, ensuring that it doesn't get damaged or become loose and drop out. The inner lining of the case is extremely soft, which also makes sure that my phone doesn't get scratched. In fact, last week I attended a gig with my phone in its case in my bag, and it remained in pristine condition. I'd heard horror stories of phones getting completely destroyed in mosh pits at gigs, yet the case did a perfect job of ensuring that mine was fully protected from any overly-energetic teenage boys that may have thrown themselves against me. 

I chose this imitation leather case in the colour black, as I though that it looked timeless and classic, and I'd never grow tired of its simplicity. The case looks very sophisticated and has the company's name subtly embossed on one side and on the elasticated pull strap. This strap is a feature I'd never seen before on a phone case; however now I realise how useful it is. Instead of struggling to remove my phone from the case, I can simply tug on the strap and the phone is easily ejected. The only downside to this is that it is slightly flimsy to use if I am in a rush, albeit this isn't a major issue. Another great feature of the case is its handy storage space for cards. I keep my travel card in this slot, although it could also be used for credit cards or business cards. This pocket means that I don't have to keep transferring my card from purse to purse, as I can now keep it in one place and I'll never forget it again. 

The case is currently on offer, retailing at a reasonable £19.99 on Amazon and their website. Snugg also sell cases for other devices such as iPads and Kindles, so I'd definitely suggest you check them out. 

Hugs and kisses, Sarah xo


  1. great case! I wish I have a Samsung Galaxy :) I have been looking for a new phone :)

  2. Pretty yet simple phone case :)

  3. I have this phone case and it's quite soft and useful too. The back strip is very useful. you just have to pull down and your mobile comes up. Even I did something with this case. I gave a facncy look to make it fancy phone case.