Miscellaneous Ramblings

I haven't done a post in a while due to my recent incredibly tedious exams; but they finally ended today so hopefully I'll be able to get back into the swing of things as soon as possible. It's such a relief to finally (and temporarily before my external exams, oh the dread!) have my life back, as I've been overloaded with masses of revision and art coursework to do over the past few weeks. I'm extremely glad to finally be able to put my feet up and relax. To celebrate this momentous occasion, all I've done this evening since my return from school is lounge around watching Bevis and Butthead and eat chocolate cereal. It's such a hard life! At least I know my health will be perfectly in check...

 I thought I'd share with you a few photos of some things I received for my birthday because quite frankly, there's no denying that they look absolutely adorable (and the soap smells just as good as it looks!). Although,  I must admit I am quite nervous about using the Paul & Joe blusher stick. Knowing me and how terribly inept I am, I'd probably end up snapping off its little ears and top hat. I suppose it's probably more for ornamental purposes as opposed to putting it to practical use. 

Oh, and on another completely irrelevant note, my creepers finally arrived in the post last week. At long last I decided to jump on the band wagon (I'm a little slow, I know, but I'm adamant that it's the best decision I've made so far), but they're definitely my newest obsession, so prepare yourself for an overdose of them in my future outfit posts. If I could, I'd probably refuse to take them off my feet, even when retiring to bed. But then again, that wouldn't be the most hygienic thing to do, would it? It's funny, and maybe slightly worrying how I become so attached to inanimate objects.

Anyway, enough of my nonsense ramblings. 

Hugs and kisses, Sarah xo


  1. Haha - that's so strange, because I very nearly bought you that Paul & Joe 'cat stick'...so I'm glad I didn't now! I'm expecting to see your creepers in their full glory at the party on Friday :) Woo! Jealous x

  2. ahhh the paul and Joe blusher stick looks absolutely amazingggg. And yeah, I hate being in year 11, there are so many exams :( not looking forward to them. plus that reminds me, i need some creepers in my life!

    rebecca x

  3. Oh my goodness I wouldn't be able to use that blusher stick, its adorable! It's always great to have a break from exams and revision, I've got some coming up and it feels like a have no life! x


  4. I love the paul&joe blusher sticks, I really want one but after lots of contemplating decided it would be a bit of a waste cos I would never want to use it :) xx

  5. Awww, that's the cutest blusher anything I've ever seen! Love love love it.

    xo Joana

  6. That blusher stick is amazing! Haven't seen presentation as awesome as that before!
    X Jane

  7. The lovely paul&joes'S blusher *_*

  8. the lipstick shape is too cute.