Double Denim and Black


Denim shirt: thrifted
Top: vintage
Hat: H&M
Shorts: Matalan 
Shoes: Topshop
Rings: Topshop and Turkish markets
Necklace: Topshop
Earrings: Topshop

My weekend mainly consisted of baking, doing school work, and filling my belly with delicious food. I have English and Spanish controlled assessments cropping up over the next week, and if I'm honest, I'm absolutely dreading them. My memory isn't exactly my strong point, so memorising two sides of A4 paper in Spanish is easier said than done. I'm just looking forward to when they're over, as I'll be going on my school's Russia trip in less than two weeks. Although I admit I'm lusting for summer, I can't wait to catch a glimpse of some snow. It always looks so ethereal and dreamy, and results in me reverting to about five years of age. That being said, as soon as I get back to school I have yet more exams. I feel as if I'm swamped under a never-ending pile of school work! I suppose all of my hard work will pay off as soon as it's over. 

On the plus side, I've been feeling much better than I did last weekend. My cold finally went away- thank goodness! Easter is rapidly approaching and my birthday is in less than a month, but to be honest, I haven't even thought about either of them as a result of all my school work! With it being Mothers Day today, my sister and I decided to bake my mum a cake and treat her to pancakes for breakfast this morning. Did you treat your mum to anything nice? I'd love to hear about what you did in the comments.

I apologise if this post is a little rushed; I literally feel as if I'm nodding off at my keyboard as I type this. Now I must dash to catch up on some well-deserved sleep; I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Hugs and kisses, Sarah xo


  1. umm are you kidding me!? you think my blog is perfect? look at yours! you have the coolest style. bonus points for led zeppelin <3


    ps just followed you via bloglovin :)

  2. oh, i love your accessories and shoes :D
    and you look really pretty :) :)

  3. Great outfit and your hair is gorgeous! I'm your newest follower!


  4. you're so cute!!!

  5. cool tee, really like Ur style and blog :) when I saw that mothers day cake I paniced, I was like omg did I miss it? how could I forget? I had to google to make sure what day we celebrate Mother´s day in Finland, in April thankg god :D

  6. I love your hair! and that cake looks yummy

  7. Love your turqoise accessories! you are so cute! and your hair is so cool!

    <3 zoe

  8. you look so cool in the pictures =)

  9. love your outfit !
    Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

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    THANK YOU :))

  10. I love this look! Your hat is so coool! Lovin your blog as well.



  11. Hi! I really like your blog♥
    I am an aspiring alternative model and have just started mine could you check it out and tell me what you think?
    I will certainly follow you back if you do by the way,
    Go on blogging my dear!

  12. Awesome look! Really love your style! follow)
    p.s. thanx for comment!<3

  13. Hey sarah i loved your blog ! great style. just followed :)

  14. I love this outfit and that cake is so nice! So glad I came across your blog, happy to be your newest follower :)

  15. thank you for the sweet comment!
    i adore your hair!

  16. Sarah! This is stunning! I love the denim and the jewellery is stunning too. Your hair is marvellous as always. I truly believe I've never seen anyone pull off red lipstick as well as you do, it suits you more than it suits anyone else I've seen! I adore your hat, it's really works well with the outfit. You have such an envious figure, your shoes are gorgeous, simple velvet flats but they're really effective. You have such an impeccable taste in jewellery! The cake you made for mother's day is so cute! Looks great and the flowers around the side are gorgeous! xxxxxxxx

  17. great outfit! and i absolutely love your hair!

  18. love,love,love your vibe! grunge, rock n roll suits you! :)hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!XO

  19. This outfit is really well styled and kind of has the perfect match of 'edgy' and 'cute'. Ha, that makes me sound like a tool. Anyway, sounds like you've been a busy girl, I hope you got a nice sleep :)

  20. Great photos :) What cam are you using?

  21. YOU ROCK. seriously, your outfits are incredible and you're basically all around amazing.
    also, thanks for commenting on my blog, girl.
    <3 <3

  22. you're looking great my dear <3

  23. What a great look! Definitely something that I would wear.
    And great accessories too.

  24. Great look! We like your hat!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  25. I really love the denim top, and your hair. xx

  26. You and your outfit is absolute perfection!! I can imagine myself wearing the exact same thing <3 Love the style!!


  27. Hello Sarah! :-) Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog! I followed you and I think you're so pretty! And I love your style! <3

  28. i like so much your personal style.

  29. I love the fact that you write a lot on the blog (compared to the majority of fashion bloggers) just like I do and that you still find time to bake! Cooking is one of my passions and also such a lovely outfit!!! I want your flats! You look so pretty and your blog is amazing. You've got yourself a new follower :)

    Mary x

  30. beautiful! I love your hat, your hair is amaze and you look awesome dear

    serendipity - a personal style blog

  31. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. You have great style and not to mention amazing hair!!

  32. i absolutely love what you wear and how you wear it. also- your hair is so so nice!will definitely be following:)

  33. Great outfit! I really love your jewellery selection.